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It's easy to order a reading! Do it in three steps! You must be 18 or older to order. 

Tarot reading is for entertainment purposes only.

1.  Fill in the yellow form below.  As an option, you can go to the Portfolio page and select a deck you would like for your reading. Click the large navy blue button to send form. 


2. Select the reading. 

3. Click on the Pay Pal button underneath your selection. 

I will PM you when I have received your reading request to verify your information.  If you don't want to pick out a deck, I will use a deck of my choice. 

Please visit the Erotic (NSFW) readings page, here.

Go Fund Me Donation, click on the Donate Button.


Basic Reading $5

This is a quickie 2 card reading and will be sent ASAP after confirmation of payment. Your choice of 2 tarot cards, 2 oracle cards or one of each.

General Reading $10

When you don't have a question but want a tarot reading, select this option.  This includes 3 tarot cards and an oracle card. 

Custom Reading $15

Pet Readings specify breed and age. Writer Readings specify genre.  Custom Readings 6 cards can be tarot, oracle or both. Make sure to include how many tarot and/or oracle cards on order form if not purchasing a pet or writer reading.

Traditional Celtic Cross $20
Traditional Celtic Cross reading that examines all aspects of life.  Uses 10 cards.

Saturn Celeste's Classic Reading $20

This is a modified Celtic Cross reading without the cross.  Examines all aspects of life and includes the use of 3 decks 13 cards. 

Relationship Reading $25  

This is a 15 card spread for 2 people in a relationship. It places each party side by side and takes an in depth look at all aspects of the relationship. 

Soul Journey Reading $30

This reading looks at the various influences of past lives on you today.  It covers 7 planetary positions in your soul's development.  It uses 16 cards and 4 decks.

Past Life Reading $35

This reading is a modified Reincarnation Spread developed by Aleister Crowley.  It is a classic spread used for past life readings.  It uses 24 cards and 7 decks.